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How To Tell if You Are Exploited By Your Employer, and What You Can Do About It

Posted by on Sunday, April 6, 2008
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How to tell if you are exploited by your employer“.

What to do if you are exploited by your employer“.

Most people who have jobs and work on a day to day basis need their jobs to earn a living, buy food, to pay their rent/mortgage, help support a family, and to live a satisfied life. Unfortunately, it is this basic need for survival that can open up an employee to exploitation.

When a person grows afraid of losing their job because they don’t think they will be able to survive without it, they become more apt to tolerate working in an environment they don’t like or even hate. They become more apt to being used and treated badly by their employers because they don’t want to risk quitting or being fired if they confront their employer about the problems they are having.

Some employers see this fear as an opportunity and thus use it to take advantage of their workers. When companies exploit their employees, they are doing so to save profits. They tend to do this in many ways such as not paying their employees what they deserve, overworking them to exhaustion, treating them unfairly, and not giving them credit for their work.

It is likely that at some point during your working life, you will experience some form of exploitation by your employer. This article is intended as a resource to help you determine if you are being exploited by your employer, as well as steps you can take to deal with this stressful and daunting experience.

There are many ways that a company can exploit an employee, and here is a list of the major ways in which an employer will do this:

How to tell if you are being exploited by your employer:

1. Not being paid for the true value of your work

This is a major way that employers take advantage of their employees. They will pay you less than you think you deserve to make. Every dollar a company saves by not paying you what you deserve, the company keeps as a profit. It’s sad and unfair, and a horrible feeling to know that you aren’t being properly compensated. If you feel as if you aren’t earning the money you think you deserve at your job, I recommend visiting Salary.com. This web site will help you find out the true value of your work by comparing the work you do with other people who work similar jobs in your area. It’s a very good way to find out if people doing the same work as you are making more money.

2. Not being credited for your work

Often when an employee is being exploited by his/her employer, they will not receive credit for their work or another employee (such as a supervisor) will even take credit for the work of the employee. These types of credit can be anything from not receiving praise or a simple thanks for work being done, as well as not receiving bonuses and raises when they are deserved.

3. Being Overworked

Another typical way an employer will take advantage of an employee is by overworking them. Overworking an employee can include making them work very long shifts with few breaks, making them work many days without days off, or not providing an adequate work environment or equipment that allows the employee to get his/her work done easily. Often the employee is very tired, lethargic, suffering from muscle pain, stressed or even depressed.

4. Unfair Treatment

Being treated unfairly at work really has a lot to do with the last three indicators of exploitation. When an employee is treated unfairly by an employer, it can also include preferential treatment of certain employees over others, racism, sexism, and any other bias that makes the employee feel as though they are not being treated fairly in the workplace.

These are typical ways to tell if you are being exploited by your employer. If you feel that you are being exploited at work, don’t lose hope! There are ways to help resolve the situation! These tips will help you to figure out the best solution for you:

What you can do if you are being exploited by your employer:

1. Understand how you are being exploited.

If you have the general feeling that you are being exploited but aren’t sure why, the first thing to do is understanding the heart of where this feeling is coming from, then you can tackle it head on. Ask yourself these questions to help determine how you are being exploited:

Are you being paid what you truly deserve for your work?
Are you treated unfairly at work?
Are you a victim of racism, sexism, or any other prejudice?
Do you often feel very tired, suffer from muscle pain or depressed after working?
Do you receive credit and praise for the work you do?

Depending on how you answered these questions, you are closer to understanding the nature of your exploitation.

2. Employeeissues.com

Employeeissues.com is a valuable web site that can help you understand what your rights are as an employee, and what you can do if you are experiencing problems at work. The site gives in-depth information on laws that help protect employees and can also provide services like referring you to an attorney. This is a great second step to understanding what you can do about your work related problem without having to confront anyone directly yet.

3. Talk to your boss or supervisor

Talking to a boss about problems you are having at work can often be an unnerving experience, but it is very important to remain confident and steadfast in your approach. Talk to your boss with respect, and not with an attitude, as this makes you look unprofessional and more than likely your concerns will be ignored.

Typically your boss should be willing to discuss your concerns and help you find a plan to help resolving them. Maybe your boss hasn’t noticed that you’ve been treated unfairly, overworked, or not being paid what you deserve. It happens sometimes, and you should be willing to give your boss the benefit of the doubt.

4. Talk to Human Resources

If your company has a human resources department, it is always a good idea to discuss with them your concerns and they can probably help you understand what your rights are as an employee and act as a mediator between you and you boss. This can sometimes help if your boss is difficult to deal with.

5. Talk to an attorney

If you have an attorney available to you offhand, this is another invaluable resource that can help you understand your rights as an employee and can help you get legal advice. If you don’t happen to have an attorney available, there are many free attorney referral services you can use. LegalMatch.com is one of these companies that provides a free matching service so people and businesses can find attorneys in their state to help with legal problems they have.

6. Quit

I know this may seem like a radical way to stop your problems at work, but in some situations it is the only way. The reason why most companies exploit their employees is that they know you are afraid to quit and will allow the exploitation to happen. You are a valuable person. You should never allow anyone to exploit you, especially an employer. Don’t work for an employer out of fear and because you don’t think you can get another job. There are new jobs available all the time and staffing/employment agencies that are eager to help find you work. I know, because I have used them before.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are being exploited, there are things you can do to stop it. Once you understand the nature of your exploitation, you can find the people/services that can give you the best help possible. Remember that you are a valuable person, a human being, and shouldn’t be exploited no matter what the situation. Good luck!

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71 Responses to “How To Tell if You Are Exploited By Your Employer, and What You Can Do About It”

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    13 April, 2008, 19:16

    [...] Landis presents How To Tell if You Are Exploited By Your Employer, and What You Can Do About It posted at AlexLandis.com, saying, “Are you being exploited at work and need help? Then this [...]

  2. Megan
    18 September, 2008, 9:08

    I work in a company that is constantly making comments about my race. It is a conllection agency so we speak with many differenc races on the phone and I have to listen to management makes fun and comments about many different races (if they are not white). I do what I can to support myself and my boyfriend here in Sacramento. I work extra hours do side jobs and even keep other employees cans to assist me with gas getting to and from work. My manager has found the need to make fun or this by asking me in the office with about 20 plus employees present that if I want to dumpster dive there are many cans in the garbage. She has made remarks about me buying my clothes at good will and many more comments. I also have a weight problem that is not due to just loving food. I also have a male manager who has made comments to me about going to the gym how I need to go work out (all in the office with employees present) I can’t begin to tell you how humiliated I was. I cry on my way to work everyday. Yet I continue to make the drive and to do my best at work. Is there anything I can do or report this hostile work environment to? Thank you Megan

  3. ignored
    22 September, 2008, 3:12

    i believe that totally ignoring attempts no matter how lengthy or short the advance is when professing your stress, fatigue, or issues to employers is wrong. especially when you pick up slack, go above and beyond, maintain, and consistently provide excellent service.

    when i noticed i was out growing my position i advanced my attempts in polite, respectful ways over a year, growing more and more direct in my attempts. i after time started to seek employment elsewhere.

    when i noticed that possibly they got wind of my attempts, i was exploited to the bottom of the totem pole. retaliation in a sort.

    i believe the time to quit is at hand and after years of experience in situations such as this i have also learned that hard workers who are prone to or have been exploited and are met with any time of hostility or ill consideration need to look into legal ways to make sure that background checks are conducted in a legal fashion, this can be just as harmful as exploitation.

  4. Nauman Baig
    9 October, 2010, 4:52

    Exploitation is every where and in every organization. To be honest exploitation is unavoidable. Exploited employee of today becomes the exploiter when they reach the top cadre. One can be exploited yet quite satisfied with one’s job. Exploitation is like a lubricant necessary to keep the engine running but require to be changed after certain time. So bear the period of exploitation to reap up the benefits of tomorrow. Dont forget employers /management exploits because there are too many unhappy employee but there are too little opportunities. Had this not been the case, we would not be reading all this.

  5. 28 December, 2010, 2:24

    Hey Nauman,

    I would have to disagree that exploitation is everywhere. I do think however that it has the potential to show up in any workplace at any time. I have worked many places where I have felt exploited because I was underpaid, or treated unfairly. I also continued working these jobs because I was afraid that if I lost my job I wouldn’t be able to live.

    Since then however, I have found a much better job with a great team of people. I feel appreciated and respected for the work that I do, so I know that it is possible to find a job that lacks exploitation. In my opinion there is no job that is more important than a person’s dignity or self-worth. I highly advocate that if an employee feels as though their employer is treating them unfairly, that they start considering the steps I mentioned above while searching for a new place to work.

  6. 18 January, 2011, 11:17

    “If your company has a human resources department, it is always a good idea to discuss with them your concerns.” This is a crucial point. I think many employees miss this step out because they see it as slightly awkward, when in actual fact the company may be able to resolve some of the main issues relatively quickly.

  7. aditya
    21 March, 2011, 5:57

    i am working in  a public sector company,but this company has aprefrential  bias towards people of one race.
    I fear loosing job as i have to support family. they will ask you to do overtime in control room where you have to do constantly mentalk work yet noise level is appx 85dB. in morning shift they will give you 5min to relive given the fact toilets are 200m away and busy.
    I am working in shift for more thAN 9 YRS which is very tiring whereas 7 -8 yrsjuniors and my batchmate were removed from shift as they belong to this prefrential race.
    the companies exploitative policies does not end here but continues in selection as well, the company organizes recruitment exam on allIndian basis but selects people only from one stste oriss ,what are the implication  or it implies that India – other states does  not have talents or the whole country is full of fools and illitrate. genious only lives in thier state.
    those unfortunate recuirteed from other state are put to hard exploitations

    the job conditions in INDIA are poor so people from other parts of nation has to suffer this exploiytation

  8. MG
    27 May, 2011, 7:36

    I had the same problem at my first full time job – a fabric store – I now believe that part of my being exploited was due to the fact I was not married or had kids (I worked in an all-female environment, most of these ladies got married while they were still in high school so they were uneducated) while in my 20′s. I eventually quit when things became intolerable. I realize that allowing myself to tolerate the abuse and bullying put out by my boss (a woman) only gave her license to keep treating me that way and accusing me of doing things I never did. On the positive side I became self employed and make good money at what I do.

  9. Karen
    11 August, 2011, 9:19

    Unfair treatment is everywhere…..i think this thing can never be change in 100 more year or so…and it’s a vast thing to talk about…when i think of unfair treatment, i think of racial discrimination…and I am telling you, it’s just going to be that way…

  10. Alice Yu
    15 September, 2011, 6:48

    I would agree that discussion, I do think however that it has the potential to show up in any workplace at any time. I have worked many places where I have felt exploited because I was underpaid, or treated unfairly. Thanks :)

  11. nayumigrante
    19 September, 2011, 11:05

    Your article gives justice to us to this employees issues..

  12. naruto0506
    7 October, 2011, 3:25

    What a awesome article that you share. Thanks for sharing to us. GREAT! | :P

  13. reelsteel06
    18 October, 2011, 9:37

    I eventually quit when things became intolerable. I realize that allowing myself to tolerate the abuse and bullying put out by my boss. | :P

  14. Harieth
    19 October, 2011, 1:19

    just what i am experiencing now, i hate our  supervisor and he’s being rude with the way he acts and speak…he doesn’t know how to handle his workers. he’s downgrading us all. that’s why i decided to quit!

  15. 3 November, 2011, 17:21

    :( my wife feels like she is being exploioted at work

  16. darknight0506
    8 November, 2011, 20:07

    Academia is one of the WORST offenders. The treatment of nontenured faculty and contingent faculty (adjuncts) is routinely shocking and unjust all over the country. Staffpeople fare a bit better than adjuncts, but they are also shamelessly and hypocritically exploited. 8-O

  17. Preethi
    11 November, 2011, 0:02

    This is an amazing article and truely encouraging and almost everything said is true .
    Great Work ! :)

  18. barry wilson
    17 November, 2011, 6:17

    Kyu Lee is an idiot and its guys like that no matter what they earn in position or
    are always miserable. If you are not your brother’s keeper in this world, you will have a life
    filled with a guilty concscience when you think back how many people you screwed over to get where you are.
    You see the same people going up the ladder as you do going down, its a world where you can
    earn 100K-1m one year, and be penniless in an instant. The world is really a continual transfer of
    wealth between the haves and the have nots, but at any time, one can fall to either side of the line
    depending on circumstances.

  19. k
    11 April, 2012, 5:55

    i need advice as to whether i am being treated unfairly or being harassed or bullied. i and all the members of my team have picked up on the fact that our employer only picks on me. she would send harsh emails to me however would not do it to anyone else even if theyve made the same mistakes as me. sometimes she would send me harsh emails even if i have not done anything. she would talk about fashion, however if i stop her to talk about work she would shout at me so the entire office can hear. she has given me late warning for arriving 5 minutes late however overlooked 2 other people who came in after me. i now come in bang on 9am and have noticed many people come 10-15 minutes late some even half hour late, however nothing is said to them. she is now trying to undermine me by making me show my work to a staff who has not even qualified or started her training. im fully qualified. she is not asking anyone else to do this. she would make comments at me at times. all the staff at work have noticed this and have noticed that i am the only one being treated like this. no body else is being treated this way. i have kept all the emails shes sent me that i felt are innapropriate. i have spoken to my colleagues to clarify whether i am mistaken or not. my colleagues feel that i am being picked on and it is only becoming more and more regular. what should i do?

  20. Nauman Baig
    11 April, 2012, 6:09

    Get your boxing gloves on and find another job!

  21. dee
    8 July, 2012, 15:39

    Hi I feel everything that was mentioned, I’m totally overworked and underpaid infact it effects a number of employees in my work place. When I signed my contract at work I signed for 1 specific department 4 x amount of money per month as the months went by I discovered that other people that work for the same company as me gets a basic salary + commission who do the exact same job as me and there are more than one person in the department I was in total shock where is my commission I still haven’t got an answer for that! Now they got me working do all different task in a day without me finishing my job and they pay me the same amount so basically my work load an duties have increased but not my money am I being exploited! Help!

  22. Adelle
    6 February, 2013, 7:53

    Wow…lots of things on your site….I can really relate to. I am still in a six month probation period so I am frightened to make errors in case of consequences….The staff around me are so unhappy, and as a leader they do confide in me. I don’t feel I can talk to my boss, I told him so, he said I have to deal with that because he is my Store Manager. Everytime I had an issue, I get told I have to call him there are lots of phones…when you are already running so late to finish because of tasks for the day….last thing anyone shoulld have to do is phone the boss…even on his day off. THANK YOU I am exploited….the way the regional manager speaks is almost like…. don’t like it leave…It has to stop. I wll continue to gather information along with other team members to stop the exploitation of hard working human beings….(the not so hard working need to watch it). regards

  23. 13 February, 2013, 11:59

    Hello to everyone who has comment on this article.  I really appreciate you taking the time to comment, and relate the situation you’re going through to me.  It’s important to know that in this situation it can be very difficult, and often time you can feel alone.  Just know that you aren’t.

    I haven’t done a good job at all of replying to each of your comments, and for that I apologize.  I want you to know that I will be contacting each of you individually to follow up and make sure things are going ok.  If you ever need more prompt assistance, I can be reached at coldphilter@gmail.com or admin@alexlandis.com.

    Kind regards,


  24. Nauman Baig
    20 February, 2013, 22:28

    Hello Alex,

    Good to see you are alive and kicking aye? :-)

    Just want to let you know, that what I wrote more than 2 years back and what I have observed during all this time, I am all more convinced about what I said then. While analyzing expolitation one must try to find answers to few questions 1) What is exploitation? 2) How exploitation works? 3) What are the stimulating factors for exploitation?

    If we do a careful analysis, we can find an interesting  thing about captialism…Explitation is the the inbuilt feature, infact, for capitalism to flourish, exploitations is a MUST!  I have my own definiton of Capitalism and what is economic waste. I’ll stop here as the articel does not  cover the scope of discussing capitalism but  could not resist sharing my thoughts.

    To all those who feel exploited, I would say please be mentally strong and tactically handle situations and people to minimize the level of exploitation or at least try not to let it ruin your peace of mind. 

    The other tip is, what I do and that is, when I leave office I forget whatever happens in office. At home I do not discuss whatever happens in the office and enjoy myself with my wife and kids. Try spending a quality time with your family and friends becasue thats one thing that is in your control.

    Stay put and keep smiling

  25. Manne
    22 March, 2013, 0:37

    Human Resources won’t do a thing about harassment. They’re part of Team Harass, and continually devise tools of torture. Asking them to help is like asking to hangman not to do his job. You have to use your inner resources and come out of it alive.

  26. nica cruz
    12 May, 2013, 1:08

    what if the human resources is also exploited? :-|

  27. Unhappy Fool
    30 August, 2013, 1:39

    Hi there, I have been having a bit of an issue at my work place. We are a telecommunications company and offer several different services, such as land lines, cell service and mobile phones, internet, television service, and security systems. Lately my boss and Assistant Manager of the company (the second to the top just under the General Manager) has been fixated on the use of cell phones by employees while on duty, texting, looking at or sharing pics of family with co-workers when its a slow time of the month, even the cell phone being visible to the customer. Now ill admit I used to keep my cell phone on my desk, just as everyone else (including him). Since the last fit he had in regards to employee cell phones, I have made a point to always keep my phone in my purse in the cupboard behind my desk so it is not out in customer sight, or distracting me or anyone else from work. I being the only one who actually did what was expected and put it away and not out on my desk, nor does it come out of the cupboard unless I am heading out to break or lunch. 3 times he has completely humiliated me in front of co workers and one time right in front of a customer because I was either headed to break or lunch or just returning from one them. The last time was a few days ago and I just walked in the door from break and was finishing up reading something from my sister who lives in another state and I never get to see or talk to, I was just about to my desk and closing out of the application I was in and getting ready to lock my phone slip it into my bag and put it in the cupboard when he walked up and right in front of a coworker proceeded to throw his hands up and loudly say “REALLY?!
    REALLY?!” I said I had just walked in from break, and asked if I am not allowed to even have it out of my bag while in the building including breaks or lunch, I then stepped outside the office and walked about 10 feet from the door and locked the phone put it in my bag and headed back in. The next day he called me in his office and proceeded to tell me (in a round about way) how I need to take a hint, and basically how dumb I am for not understanding that I cant have my phone in in my hands even if I am on break/lunch. I then asked about the others who still keep theirs out on their desks, text and answer them when they ring, show pictures of their kids to customers and whatever else, all while NOT on break or lunch. He then said we aren’t talking about them now are we, and how that’s not open for discussion because he hasn’t walked up and saw them with their phones. Which I don’t understand what so ever cause I see them on desk in plain sight multiple times a day, everyday. And he keeps his out and on his desk and uses it while not on break/lunch. He insisted I purposely and deliberately ignored his rules and utilized my phone anyways with no regards to his wishes. I said wait a minute, I made it a point to make sure I put my phone in my bag and then in the cupboard and never have it out while im working, no one else has but I did, and he said that was untrue because he saw me with it, I told him I was on my way out or returning from break/lunch and was unaware I wasn’t allowed to take my phone out of my purse until I was outside the bldg. I guess because everyone else still kept theirs on their desks and I was under the impression I could do what I wished at break/lunch time I didn’t think it was wrong. I told him I just misunderstood and he said well I guess I can not be subtle with you and ill just have to come flat out and tell you what you are not to do. I told him I would appreciate that because I in no way was trying to purposely make him angry or ignore his wishes. I then started to cry because I felt that my efforts to do exactly what I thought the boss wanted was unnoticed and unappreciated, as he seemed to treat me like one of his children. I am a grown woman with children of my own and do not do things like he is suggesting. I was actually pretty proud of myself because I had noticed I was the only one who actually listened (or so I thought) and those who didn’t would eventually bury themselves (as im not one to run and tell on others). But to my shock and horror, I was the one that was snatched up and chewed on like a chew toy in a angry dogs mouth. I am completely shocked, embarrassed, humiliated, and feel about as big and a grain of sand. But what can I do, I have 4 children, all whom I am supporting alone, I have a mortgage, car payment, and all the other bills I am responsible for each month. I also have our health ins thru my employer as well as, my 401k. I have been with the company for over 11 years, and I don’t think I am an awful employee, but after leaving his office I stepped out and took a break to gather myself as I was starting to feel as tho I was going to have an anxiety attack, it was all I could do to bring myself to walk back into the bldg. and finish out the day. Like I said this isn’t the first time he has humiliated me in front of others, I just had assumed that he did the other times because he didn’t know I was on my way out or back in from break/lunch, but I know differently now, and will not have my phone visible until I am out of the bldg. and away from the bldg. a good distance as we now are not allowed to stand even on the sidewalk outside the bldg. and use our phones…………or at least im not, the cell phone rule doesn’t seem to apply to anyone but me. Please I beg you, to help me. I don’t want to go the next 11 yrs feeling like the gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe. :oops:

  28. Ms_s
    9 October, 2013, 3:22

    You have been working for your company for 11 years and you have tolerated that abuse from your boss that long? I wouldn’t have lasted and I’m also a full grown women of 30! I’m the type to quit if I was getting that type of abuse and being treated like that! I wouldnt care what any employer thinks if I did, I matter and value myself more then they do and that should be important to them as well. Ive worked at plenty of jobs and if I’m happy at one, I’ll stay and work there for years, which I have wih my last job.  Jobs come and go, but your life and your children should matter. You offered 11 years of your life for that job and you can always move on from it.

    With the whole cell phone rules,  I never have my cell phone on me while I’m working from just knowing all the rules I’ve had at all my jobs and plus, it distracts me and I hate carrying around my cell phone when I should be working.  If the boss lets us, thats great, but I still dont care for it. I noticed a lot of my (young) cowokers have their cell phones on them in their pocket and they end up getting into trouble if they text their friends while working, or play music on it, which causes me to get annoyed with them from knowing the rules and they are paid to be working and it slows us down.

    With that whole cell phone incident, just try to brush it off and be proud that you know the rules anyway. When you get into trouble over something that minor, especially if you used your phone during break, that was petty of your boss to call you out on that. Again, that was a form of power and control. These other coworkers know the rules and they probably have been caught before, yet they might be favored compared to other coworkers. I’m not sure, but  I still think you should really find a different job no matter how you feel about your bills, you’ve been there for 11 years and that should mean something and be proud of that!? You should start looking now and begin a fresh life at a new job where you could feel a lot more appreciated and respected. I know the economy has been so bad on most of us, but you shouldnt fear your boss if your life depends on these paychecks and your health. You can always get paid elsewhere! You have to take care of yourself and your children, that is what comes first! I hope the best for you and I too feel like Ive been abused at my job and I’ve only been working there for a month now and I’m the hardest worker there!! My hours have been getting cut until I stood up to the new boss and explain to him my financial situation and that I depend on these hours. Thank, God he thought things through and told me I could have my hours back for this week and that I should expect it to be lowered from it being slow at work. One thing I learned from my 30 years of living is to stand up for yourself and dont take crap from anyone, even if its your boss at work, hes still controlling you no matter who he is!! You’re inside a building working for money, thats all, no man, or no women who calls themselves “the boss” has no right to treat anyone with such disrespectful and inappropriate manner. Most bosses are only there to get ahead of the company and make a living from their paychecks as well, yet they forget that these employees are not just there as workers, they are also there to survive on what they can get and work hard while being away from home just as much. Its just something to think about. Ive learned so much from being a supervisor/kitchen assistant myself for 4 years at a jail and I treated people with more respect than the supervisors who I work with as being just the worker now, yet I am not just worker, I am a person who has a life of my own besides just working and that is important. 

  29. Andrea
    12 December, 2013, 23:22

    Alex, I just happened across your article and it is very good. I am currently exploited at work and I am trying to find another job to get out. I work with several women who have made it to management by using other people and being good at hiding they do not know anything. My direct supervisor does not involve herself in the day to day operations unless her direct supervisor has a need for information. She hired a co-worker who is the same age as she and , same level of skill and expertise in the job (which is none). This other person’s lack of skills has caused conflict with the employees in the department that are skilled. Instead of dealing with the employee that is not qualified for the job, she has punished her skilled employees by separating everyone so that we work away from each other (we need to be with each other working as a team) and the icing on the cake is we just received our yearly bonus and the skilled workers received a very small bonus and the employee keeping the department down received a large bonus. I am seeing a trend. I want to say something to the supervisor above, but I am not sure it is worth the effort. I would appreciate your input.

  30. marion
    14 January, 2014, 18:00

    Any employer knows better than anyone their ethics or lack of them. They are exploiting because they want to behave this way. If you discuss any issues with your manager or HR chances are you will be forced to resign sooner than you think. Just quit when you have found something better. As a rule of thumb: the smaller (poorer) the company is the worst the exploitation.

  31. 1 October, 2014, 9:17

    This sole proprietorship I work for brings in about 2mil a year, and has sister offices in the UK and Canada. Not a huge company, but by being small, it appears that it has opened the door for dishonesty and crude management styles. This guy buys the company out 5 years into my employment, and suddenly no more HR dept. No more yearly reviews thus, no raises unless you go and ask and present your reasons why. Did you hear that? NO yearly reviews or any reviews, ever.
    No Cost of Living adjustments ever. So, basically no matter what you do here, your job value is negated down via the owner’s personal understanding of how difficult it is (which he has no idea about). Truly, the main goal is to save a buck. Period. If you were his eye surgeon, and you were being paid by him, you would hear how much that eye surgery looks like skinning a fish, therefore, you should be paid for skinning a fish. THAT kind of lowballed, crooked methodology, whilst he buys himself and his kids new cars every couple of years. He barely shows up to work anymore, because he knows no one is happy working for his cheap ass. He has established his personal favorite “Parrot” as operations manager, so that he has a defensive line who believes it is his job to stifle any and all requests for consideration of increase. I just ended up picking the wrong place to work and have been here now for 18 years, and the economy has collapsed, and jobs are scarce now… I am stuck, and when a person gets stuck like this, something inside of them breaks, and turns ugly. If given the chance, and knowing that I would get away with it, I would beat him within an inch of his life for the petty scumbag ways he has destroyed my career and my quality of life, merely by being a cheap, crooked, ignorant simpleton of a man.

  32. […] How To Tell if You Are Exploited By Your Employer, and … … – This article was originally written by Alex for the Helium.com titles: “How to tell if you are exploited by your employer“. “What to do if you are exploited by …… […]

  33. […] How To Tell if You Are Exploited By Your Employer, and … … – 2. Employeeissues.com. Employeeissues.com is a valuable web site that can help you understand what your rights are as an employee, and what you can do if you are …… […]

  34. […] How To Tell if You Are Exploited By Your Employer, and … … – 2. Employeeissues.com. Employeeissues.com is a valuable web site that can help you understand what your rights are as an employee, and what you can do if you are …… […]

  35. Alex
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  36. Scrw Bng Xplotd
    23 November, 2014, 14:34

    There is a limit to what one will tolerate, which in reality you give your best in order to show your skills in order to be compensated for what you can bring to the table. But in reality if these companies do not show signs of compensating you for your skills or hard work then its time to go, I would say after a couple of months of feeling like such, one should talk to their management about their skills and state that it is time you get paid for what you deserve that meets your abilities. But if it doesn’t work out, always have your resume ready and constantly updated, even begin applying for jobs when the work environment is toxic. It is never a good thing for your health or life to work in a toxic environment. I am a store manager and an employee who drives out of town for the job (because no one of the company can do what I do) with no additional compensation and I too am an exploited employee.

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